Version: 2.2.0.dev0

sdv.validators.stix.schema Module

class sdv.validators.stix.schema.STIXSchemaValidator(schema_dir=None)[source]

Bases: sdv.validators.base.BaseSchemaValidator

validate(doc, version=None, schemaloc=False)[source]

Performs XML Schema validation against a STIX document.

When validating against the set of bundled schemas, a STIX version number must be declared for the input doc. If a user does not pass in a version parameter, an attempt will be made to collect the version from the input doc.


If schemaloc is True or this class was initialized with a schema_dir, no version checking or verification will occur.

  • doc – The STIX document. This can be a filename, file-like object, etree._Element, or etree._ElementTree instance.
  • version – The version of the STIX document. If None an attempt will be made to extract the version from doc.
  • schemaloc – If True, the xsi:schemaLocation attribute on doc will be used to drive the validation.

An instance of XmlValidationResults.