Version: 2.1.5

stix-validator 2.1.5 Documentation

The Structued Threat Information eXpression (STIX) and Cyber Observable eXpression (CybOX) are collaborative, community-driven efforts to define and develop standardized languages to represent structured cyber threat information and are currently implemented in XML Schema.

The stix-validator library and scripts helps validate STIX XML content using XML Schema, STIX Suggested Practices, and STIX Profile validation. The stix-validator library also provides CybOX XML validation capabilities!

For more information about STIX, please visit the STIX homepage and STIX Documentation website. For more information about CybOX, please visit the CybOX homepage and the CybOX Documentation website.


If a bug is found, a feature is missing, or something just isn’t behaving the way you’d expect it to, please submit an issue to our tracker. If you’d like to contribute code to our repository, you can do so by issuing a pull request and we will work with you to try and integrate that code into our repository.

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